Originally born in the Netherlands, Maggie has been working as a professional artist for over ten years under the name Etuix (pronounced “E-Twix”, like the candy!) Maggie got her start as an artist drawing Neopets. Her joy of drawing cute furry animals naturally led her to the furry fandom after being introduced to it by a friend in early 2007.

Predominantly a digital artist, she produces her artwork using a Wacom Cintiq and Adobe Photoshop. She creates traditional artwork exclusively at conventions.

Maggie has been a dealer at west coast furry conventions since 2013.

When not working on art, she loves reading, anime, hiking, and video games. She currently lives in Portland, OR with her husband and their two Bernese mountain dogs, Enzo and Ender.

If you see her, come say hi!

Opening Ceremonies

Main Theater

Welcome in Furlandia 2017 the proper way with the official opening ceremonies! Meet some of the team, find out some of the highlights to the weekend, and meet our special guests with this 90-minute extravaganza into the world of Furlandia!