Temperance of Komic Krazi Studios

Temperance of Komic Krazi Studios

Temperance is a Fursuit maker from Canada. She has been making costumes for 15 years. Originally a comic book artist, she moved into cosplay and costume making when she found the long hours sitting at a drawing desk were becoming too taxing.

She discovered the furry fandom and fursuits while attending a local comic convention in 2008 and spotted a furry walking the halls. After some research online she began making some of those “fun animal costumes” and has been making fursuits since then. Her works have won various awards at masquerades and costume competitions including San Diego Comic con and Dragon Con. Her work was also featured in a music video for the Australian band “DZ Deathrays”.

Opening Ceremonies

Main Theater

Welcome in Furlandia 2017 the proper way with the official opening ceremonies! Meet some of the team, find out some of the highlights to the weekend, and meet our special guests with this 90-minute extravaganza into the world of Furlandia!